Advanced Certificate Admissions and Requirements

Advanced certificates consist of more challenging courses and examinations, but follow the same format as regular certificates. In general, prior knowledge in the field of study must be demonstrated to be admitted for certification:


  • Passed at least two OS certificates in the same field prior to application;
  • Hold bachelor's degree or similar in a related field (Present original diploma and transcript and a set of identical copies at local seminary upon application.)

Field Experience

Some local seminaries may organize mission and ministry field experiences. Check the local seminary websites for more information, scheduling and registration.


Obtain an outline of Bible, Theology and Ministry

Certificate in Christian Studies

Courses of essential biblical, historical, theological knowledge for Christians on the globe.

Certificate in Bible and Theology

Courses of foundational biblical and theological knowledge for aspiring Bible teachers and lay leaders.

Certificate in Mission and Ministry

Everything the evangelist and church planter needs to lay the foundation for a lasting, fruitful ministry.

Certificate in World Christianity

Courses for the understanding of the historical expansion of Christianity and indigenous Christian communities.