Bible Studies

Bible Studies


The book of Romans stays with us being eminent on changing numerous people’s lives beyond generations. Each sentence in the letter written about two millennium ago gave a complete opposite turn to Augustine’s life, hit the heart of Luther and marked the distinct point in Christian history. Immeasurable power is contained in one letter which affects your life of faith positively. Take this course and gain strength.


Galatians is another deep well that quenches the believers who underwent long time serving but grew cold losing grace. It revives the hearts of love and lets us recall the first love God showed in the beginning. Are you tired in spiritual journey? Register to this course and gain a hope.


Genesis is not just a book filled with fairy tales or ancient legends. If you projected the book this way, come to the class and see how vibrant energy it gives to your life in faith. It begins from the creation and fall which continues to illuminate the new hope revealed in Israelite Patriarch. Find your path and wisdom through the book of Genesis.

Gospel Books

Four Gospel Books provides abundantly rich resources on birth, life, cross, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. Not only those memorable moments of Jesus life, vivid parables and situations that fill the whole books bring you to the world where you ponder upon your life and relationship with God. Do not miss so many wisdoms you would find in those book studies.

Trace of Apostles’ Life

The book of Acts will extend your view on early church life where Jesus breath is most strongly resonant. Every church is measured or evaluated by historic establishment of what Acts suggests regarding the body of Christ. Gain full insights about life of Apostles and the early expansion of Christianity.

Exodus Journey

From vicious cycle of slavery in Egypt till settlement in Canaan as a free nation, Exodus shows every step in an epic drama how God performs His power and miracles until His children are saved. Let’s look into it in order to find spiritual meaning that is thrown to our situations.

Certificate Admissions


Obtain an outline of Bible, Theology and Ministry

Certificate in Christian Studies

Courses of essential biblical, historical, theological knowledge for Christians on the globe.

Certificate in Bible and Theology

Courses of foundational biblical and theological knowledge for aspiring Bible teachers and lay leaders.

Certificate in Mission and Ministry

Everything the evangelist and church planter needs to lay the foundation for a lasting, fruitful ministry.

Certificate in World Christianity

Courses for the understanding of the historical expansion of Christianity and indigenous Christian communities.