OS Completes New Thought-Provoking Lecture Shoot

What insights should Christians gain to explore the history of Christianity? How has Jesus’s command – to make disciples of all nations – made progress throughout church history? The new lectures of Olivet Seminary (OS) will provide the clear answers in response to these critical questions to Christians today.

OS has recently completed two thought-provoking video lecture shoot from the leading Christian scholars. “The History of Christianity” by Dr. Donald Tinder covers major issues of the 2000 year church history with ten sessions. Dr. Tinder designed this course on a level midway between academic and local congregation. Students will have an opportunity to approach the momentous issues of historical theology in a more straighforward fashion.

Furthermore, “Introduction to Missions” by Dr. William Wagner sets forth a profound meaning of mission as the major task of Church. This course is expected to give students an introduction as to what the church has done throughout history to carry out this command and a number of the issues faced by the church today in the area of World Missions.

Olivet Seminary Releases ‘Biblical Hermeneutics’

Olivet Seminary (OS) has recently created the course entitled ‘Biblical Hermeneutics.’ Its lecturer Dr. Paul De Vries has an outstanding academic background as a dean or associate dean of multiple Christian Schools.

‘Biblical Hermeneutics’ is the multifaceted, informed, skilled, anointed study, and application of Bible texts. In this course, students identify and draw from the full range of the numerous resources, skills, and tools for faithful, comprehensive, transformative Biblical Hermeneutics.

“Dr. De Vries lectures are a well-informed, engaging, and strong focus on Biblical foundation,” commented the OS curriculum team.

‘Epistle to the Romans’ Courses Are Newly Displayed

A series of ‘The Epistle to the Romans’ courses have been displayed. The book of Romans is considered by many church fathers and theologians to be one of the most important – if not the most important book in the Bible that contains the heart of the message of the Gospel.

Romans is a book that played a key role in the history of reformation which formed the Evangelical faith today and should be studied and understood by all modern Christians. This course goes through Romans 1-4, expounding on its main themes, and examines the gospel message as Apostle Paul has taught it to the believers in Rome and beyond.

These courses consist of ten lectures, covering the first four chapters of Romans. It begins with the topic of ‘Introduction & Authorship of the Epistle to the Romans,’ deals with ‘The Sin of Unbelievers & Believers,’ and ends with ‘Faith against all hope.’